Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Video progress--Yellow Owl rice therapy bag -- With a give away!

  Leave me a video response on Youtube or a comment with a link to a video of you making or showing pictures of a Rice Therapy bag that you have made.  It doesn't have o be owl shaped.

These are easy to do and make fantastic gifts!

I hope you will enjoy the progress video.

  I will be posting more pictures (maybe) of the two small ones finished, I haven't decided if I'm going to do anything to them as far as decoration.  I may just use some wiggle eyes, which are plastic and won't be affected by the heat of a microwave or the cold of a freezer.

Have a great week everyone!  Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

Monday, July 21, 2014

owl Therapy Rice Bag with a video

This is one of those projects that came with the idea that "oh but _____ made this, so can I". That person is the beautiful Gloria.  She has a youtube channel you can view it by clicking here
My first try was the green one 
I used my Accucut Craft Owls die.  Instead of cutting the ones from the blue fabric using the die, I used a die cut as a template and made a pattern from it.
I then traced it onto the fabric and cut it from two layers of fabric and one layer of a white felt.  The eyes are from my spellbinders dies and the flowers are from wild orchid crafts.

I hope you will give these a try!  I had a wonderful time making these. As I state in the video, I am not a sewer.  However, I learned much in the process. 

Stamp Happy!  Be kind to one another and be a blessing!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Under the Sea -- with Video Progress- MIXED MEDIA

  Talk about fun, this project was just that.  In all total it took me over 2 hours to complete the two page spread.  I was interrupted by a much needed nap!  I received these images from Vicki's store The Sailing Pineapple click here for the store.
  Here is the link to purchase these fun digi's for yourself!  I printed these off onto copic quality cardstock  Please note, that I used my new SparMax stylus to apply the back ground paints.  I am still a relative novice at the airbrushing techniques, but am really enjoying the process!
 I hope you enjoy the progress video!  Stamp Happy and be a blessing. Always be kind!




Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tea Please!

Just a quick post to show you some tea-swaps I'm participating int.  I used a sizzix paper bag die to make the pouches for the tea bags. they are then decorated with stamps & dies from sweet-n-sassy stamps.

I figure if you're going to participate in a swap (
www.swap-bot.com) you might as well take the time to make the packaging adorable.  I hope you'll visit the site for fun swaps and remember when you are gifting items or swapping them, packaging does matter. Take the time to do it correctly. You'll not only be proud of yourself, but you'll bless some one in the process.
Stamp happy and be a BLESSING!