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Pocket Letter Embellishment Swap -- With Video

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome to the second Swap I have hosted on-line.

You will be making Four sets of Five embellishments for Pocket letter's.  These can be no bigger than 2 1/4 X 3 1/2" finished. In other words, you will be making 20 embellishments or cards in total.  

They need to be Red ,White and Blue themed.  You can make a finished card or the embellishments to put on top of a finished card.  However you would like to interpret the theme is fine.  Please make sure the packaging of your swaps is nice. 

Each package should have your name and contact information inside the package.  It needs to be readable even if the package is sealed.  This avoids confusion when it is time for these to be sorted and sent back out.

Sign ups from April 22, 2015 until May 1, 2015.  The swaps are due in my hands no later than June 5. Giving everyone more than a month to complete the swaps.  International swappers are welcome.  Please allow two additional weeks for them to arrive to me and two weeks after the swaps go postal to return.

Please provide adequate return postage.  A self-addressed stamped envelope with the same amount of postage you used to send me the package with one extra stamp.  If the extra stamp is not needed it will be returned.  The other option is that you can Paypal me postage. I prefer to use a flat rate envelope for return and those are $5.05 US.  

Please note, the group you start off in, may not be the group you are in when the swap closes.  Why?People drop out and all that jazz.  Final swap groups will be listed when the swap closes.  

Please email me at with any questions put "embellishment" swap in the subject line.

Mail your swap to:
Loretta Rodger
PO Box 37081
Laurel, MD 20709

Group One:
1.Loretta Rodger

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*UPDATED Post* Two Chemo buddy cards one with progress video!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello everyone!

Before I get into this post, Please note, my blog will soon become just a good old fashion web site!  It will be! Check back frequently for more information and news!

I hope you have all had a great day!  I have enjoyed some stamping time.  I completed two cards for my Chemo Buddies.

Please enjoy the two video's!  

Here is the progress video showing the second card I made today.

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked recently is about the black stamping matt. It is called the Sizzix Stampers Secret weapon.  You can buy them just about any where.  I purchased mine from Amazon.

 Darcie's also makes one, as does Sugar Loaf.  You could easily make one out of several layers of something like fun Foam.  They act just like the pad under the old rubber stamps we used to use.  They offer the opportunity to even out the pressure your hand transfers to the surface while stamping helping to insure a smooth surface.  Please email me directly for more information!

Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

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How I store my stamps from Your Next Stamps -- with Video

Friday, April 17, 2015

  First of all here are some pictures of the storage container and the pouches I am using to store my stamps and dies from Your Next Stamp.  

  You can order the binder pockets from Staples and have them delivered to your home, or if you have a local store you can have them sent there with no shipping costs.   Here is the link for the binder pockets.  

  To label each binder pocket, I used my label maker.  I suggest searching google for label makers and supplies.  Often you can find a much better price than what is available at your local retail store.

  Each of these binder pockets  are labeled by categories such Spring, Christmas and Monsters.  Please enjoy the video over viewing in more detail how I have these stored.  This is a great way to store the stamp and die coordinating sets.  If a small die comes free from the magnetic sheets it will simply fall to the bottom of the pouch. 

  I used Magnetic duct covers and cut them down to the sizes I need to fit the stamps and dies.  These can be easily purchased from your big box home improvement stores.

Here is the video:

  Please let me know how you store and organize your stamps and dies.  I would also like to know if you found this blog post and video helpful.  Thank you so much for watching my videos and subscribing to my blog and YouTube channel.  Stamp Happy and be a blessing.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hello Friends!

  Today I am going to catch you up on some video's that I have been working on.  Most of these are of pocket letters I have made or sent over the last two weeks.  I hope you will enjoy all of them.

  One of my favorite things to do is to stamp.  These pocket letters offer a great opportunity to do just that.  There are so many great companies and many of them have wonderful stamps with matching dies.  Perfect for this application.

  I will be offering small pocket letter kits in my etsy store soon.  There will also be things like fuzzy socks, hand sanitizer and other small things (post it holders, etc.,) that will be appropriate to use as gifts for friends, family and those of you who are Chemo or Senior Angels, these make wonderful gifts for these folks too. 

  I am going to be accepting approximately 5 more incoming pocket letters.  Please watch for announcements on this here on the blog.  You may send me mail at 

   Loretta Rodger
   PO Box 3708
   Laurel, MD 20709

  Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

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