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Coming soon! Scented

Sunday, February 7, 2016

  I wanted to encourage those of you who use Copic markers to go to Sandy Allnock's webpage and buy her Hex Chart.  For the first time in years, I've found something for my copic hand color chart that makes sense to me visually.  The reason is that she has these colors side by side in a reasonable color order that is easy to read and refer to when coloring stamped images.  This is a honest, non-sponsored review of this product.

  I purchased mine from her and printed it off on express-it card stock. I purchased mine from Amazon.   I suggest buying the 125 count package.  In comparison to the 25 count package you get considerably more and it is less expensive. 

  I have all of the 358 markers and within 5 minutes of starting I totally understood why she has this chart arranged in the hex format.  Since I use my express-it blending card for 99% of my copic coloring, it is true to color as a reference.

  Coming soon, a video tutorial of how to use simple car hanging air-fresheners to scent your cards. All you need is your favorite scents, some scissors and your stamps, dies, colors.  You can also scent cards using dryer sheets.  It is a fun way to re-use a product that you don't often think about for stamping.

  Also coming soon, a "Blessings" package.  Living near DC and Baltimore we often run across many homeless people.  Many of our counties do not allow these folks to panhandle.  However, there is something you can do to help out.

  I do not give these individuals money.  Instead I have a pre-made gallon size baggie with items such as hand sanitizer, those lotions/shampoos and conditioners from your travels you brought home are great editions.  Cheap toothbrush/tooth paste, combs, fuzzy socks, a snack, gloves or just a few of these things with a gift card to a local fast food joint. 

 I actually gave out 5 of these today.  They were given to the ladies that attended the same crop I attended.  With a pay-it forward attitude.  Then shortly there after, I saw a woman outside a local fast food place looking for a ride.  Instead I just bought a $5.00 gift card for that store and told her I was sorry I couldn't offer her a ride, but to please have a meal.  It didn't seem to be much, but it was what I could offer at the time.

  My point, simple.  Be kind.  Be a blessing.  The smallest things can make the biggest difference. In the bible Matthew 25:40 it says:  ""And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!" Wouldn't the world just be a nicer place if we just took a moment to bless another?

  As usual, my contact information is under the main blog header.  You can also view my YouTube channel, Pinterest, and other social media sites by just clicking above!  Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

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S-A-L-E ! Ebay Items on sale Now!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello my stamping and crafting friends!

  As many of you will recall, earlier in the summer I did a huge de-stash of my crafting supplies.  Including dies and stamps.  Well today I am happy to announce more great stuff for sale!!

  Ebay listings here! Please go and check out the many things that are for sale! Free shipping on most items.  All are shipped flat rate via USPS Priority mail. Which has delivery confirmation and insurance.  Making the process of getting you the order easy.  Combined shipping is available.

   I recently ordered some CD sleeves from Amazon called MaxTex.

  I like these sleeves so well that I purchased 800 of them. I have already used nearly 700.  They hold stamps and dies on magnet boards very nicely.  Making my organization of supplies stream lined.  I can now easily find what I am looking for.  The CD sleeves are stored in boxes I bought online from Michaels.
  These storage boxes were $2.00 and I purchased 12 of them.  I actually have two that are empty.  Only difference between the picture and the ones I have is the color.  II chose a linen texture light almond color.  Nice and neutral.  They can be painted if desired.
  I hope you will check out the items I have for sale.  Stamp Happy and be a blessing!  

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Blessed is this day -- Art Journal with Process Video!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016



Two art Journal Pages in one week.  I was inspired.  As you will see in the video, I explain that I was looking through a magazine and really acquired my inspiration from what I was seeing.  This page looked very different in my head than what it turned out to be.

  The most fun part of this page was all of the texture.  I love embossing paste.  I mixed it with some red paint to make the hearts really pop!  I hope you will share your projects with me!  Remember to visit me on YouTube and facebook.  Share my posts and videos on your social media.

  More art journal pages will come!  Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

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Color my world Art Journal Page

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello my friends!

  Today I am sharing this art journal page that I made.  I used the dust cover of my 2016 calendar for my inspiration.  I actually cut out the flowers from the cover.  To make it my own, I used many materials I already have on hand.

  Big brush markers and gelatos are so fun to work with.  I can't believe that I accidently deleted the footage of the progress/process video. 

    Honestly my husband Mike literally saved my life on Wednesday night. Apparently right after we turned out the lights I was making some odd sounds. He asked me if I was ok, I said I didn't feel well, then stopped responding to him.

  He literally sprang into action and checked my blood sugar. It was 30. He couldn't get me to drink any orange juice and called 911. The next thing I remember is 5 people standing in my room and me saying, hi! One long ER trip (via ambulance) 2 bags of fluids, 2 large doses of glucose, now I'm home.

  I now have an emergency glucose crisis kit. Even though I had eaten yesterday, I hadn't had enough. Scary. I am so thankful he was here.  So, I praise the Lord for a good husband and am glad I am still here to share my art and creations with you.  Please feel free to ask any questions and leave comments!

Stamp Happy and Be a blessing!

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