Vacation shopping haul and art journal page TWO video's!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

 Hello Friends!

 I have had a very exciting week.  I did some traveling to see a dear friend and do some serious retail therapy.  I enjoyed some relaxing, good food and good company!

The first video I have for you today is of the art journal page you see above,  the second is the video of he things I purchased while I was away.  Please do what works for your family.  Just because you see some one else buy something, doesn't mean you need too.

Have a terrific day, Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

Too the moon art journal page:

The video for the scrap booking and stamp haul during my "mini" vacation.  Please note I am having problems getting the pictures to transfer from my phone, once I "thither" my phone to my computer, that should solve the problem.  Until then I hope you enjoy the video.  Here is just one of the pictures from the stamp store "Loving Hands" that I visited near Fort Bragg, NC.,

Now for the video:

Stamp Happy and be a blessing. Please always be kind.

until next time ... 

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Allow your dreams to soar -- art journal page with video progress

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi Friends

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Today is a quick post to showcase the art journal page I completed last night. Due to some problems with Movie Maker and with Cyberlink Power director, this post is late going up.

After fussing with it on and off for more than 8 hours, I gave up he fight, did very little editing, put the video in eight time speed up mode, did the voice over and was just frankly glad to be done with it.  Ever had a day like that?!  I'm sure you have.  Hasn't everyone?!

Enjoy the progress/process video.  If you want a chance to win the Zenspirations "Inspirations" "Designs to feed your spirit book", please just leave a comment below this post for a chance to win.  Drawing will be held around August 24th.

Stamp Happy and be a blessing!

Until next time...

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A fresh start -- art joural age with progress video and pictures

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Every day teaches us valuable lessons.  We must choose to learn or to disregard what is given to us.

Today I was gifted (ok, not gifted) frustration.  It seemed at every turn, in what should have been an ordinary day I was frustrated.  First the trash can had mystery liquid in it.  Then the dog knocked over the recycling bin and made a mess.

Of course, I could bore you with more details, but that wasn't the worse part.  Skype is not working properly.  I love spending precious time with my sweet husband. Tonight's Skpe issues made that nearly impossible. Technology is great when it works... however, it is a totally different story when it doesn't.


This next week promises to be both fun and adventuresome.  I will be giving you all more details at a later time.

I hope that you will all be a blessing.  These last few weeks I have been given and gladly accepted the opportunities to help others.  I bought a simple meal for some one in need (a financial blessing) I helped some one to reach an item out of their reach (a physical blessing) and I have been praying for a friend with a very specific need (a spiritual blessing). So when I say, Stamp Happy and be a blessing that is why.  When you bless others, you receive a great blessing in return.  I am thankful for good health and a great family.

Be kind to one another.  I look forward to future blog posts and videos.  If there is something you would like to see me make a video of, please let me know and I will take it into consideration.

Until Next time...

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Salads -- Recipe swap -- video and pictures!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hello my friends!
  I hope you have had a great weekend!  My weekend was wonderful.  I enjoyed some great food and time out of doors.  My favorite part was enjoying the consumption of some of the famous Maryland Blue Crabs.
  Today I was blessed with some time to craft.  I hope you will go and check out the swaps at the swap bot.
  The tab above for the "Publications" will hopefully be populated for your enjoyment within the next week.  I will also be hosing some swaps.

  Enjoy the video! Stamp happy and be a blessing to some one today!

Until next time!!

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